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I love so much about this! I'm especially glad you include a gap analysis and lots of rich examples all throughout the document. I really wanted to be able to offer feedback, but I seriously couldn't think of one thing I'd add to it. Even stray thoughts were addressed in the additional resources. Well done. Like ridiculously well done.

Annie Cushing

You Have A List of Target Keywords, Now What?

I'll show you. I've pulled out all the stops to show you the exact process I use to identify all the attributes needed to effectively target keywords in any vertical. This guide will show you the exact type of pages (and how to build them) to go after keywords for every type of website that can leverage SEO to create revenue.

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Find out how to target keywords for:

  • Ecommerce
  • Lead Generation
  • SaaS
  • Professional Services
  • Publishers
  • Forums
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If you think you can learn SEO by reading blogs, think again! Nick's Keyword Implementation Guide is the perfect sequel to his Keyword Research Guide and offers incredible insight and value. No waffle here, just a straightforward, actionable process that can be applied to any website for instant results. Worth every penny!

This comprehensive and meticulously detailed guide will show you how to:

  1. Select keywords for each level of your website's architecture; your homepage, your service and product pages, and even your about page.
  2. Decide when to build a new page (and where to build it; whether on your site or off-site) versus adding new content or refreshing content on an existing page.
  3. Determine which keywords you should target at the category and sub-category pages, whether your website is Ecommerce, Content, or Lead-Gen.
  4. Define the thresholds for building new dedicated resources vs. consolidating existing content - and how to breath new life into old pages from an SEO perspective.

"Nick is without a doubt, the leading authority when it comes to keyword research. His seven day keyword research course is awesome and it's comprehensive. Don't hesitate to sign up for moment!"

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This completely new guide on how to design and implement a keyword strategy includes new, never published before content including a rubric for how to map content for all types of information to each of the 4 buckets of keyword intent;
  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Commercial investigation
  • Transactional


I include specific, real world examples of every type of content in the wild as well as showing you how I design keyword architecture on my sites. I even provide a general model and walk you through exactly how to make decisions on what levels of architecture should get a dedicated URL versus what content should live on parent pages or use JSON/AJAX to not generate new URL's but still provide an ideal user experience.

What Others Are Saying

Nick's Keyword Strategy Implementation Guide is a MUST read. All too often you will see an eBook make wild promises about how it can teach you XYZ. When you finally get it the book is filled with fluff that you have seen on a thousand other sites. What set's Nick's guide apart is the STRATEGY. You cannot hope to use keyword effectively on your site in the current state of the internet without a strategy. Nick has put a ton of information on a few pages, folks this book is dense. If you are in B2B, B2C, SaaS, or eCommerce you can benefit from the strategies outlined in this book.
You may be thinking... Google can index my site and learn what my site is about without keywords now... keywords aren't as important as they used to be... I'm doing fine I don't need any keyword help I have been doing this for years... I said all of those things (and more). The truth of the matter is: as long as we use the written word on line to match intent keywords will be valuable. If you are going to treat yourself to one bit of continuing education this year, this needs to be the one.

Joe Savitch, SEO/SEM Manager, Altos Agency

Nick has new approach to keyword research process. His guide helped us to discover new and profitable keywords related to our bussiness.

Ivan Muljevski, Marketing Manager, NiNet Company

Nick Eubanks is no doubt my go-to guy when it comes to using keyword research and technical SEO to effectively grow your organic traffic to the millions. I bought both of his premium guides and learned a lot. You just can't go wrong with Nick's products.

Tung Tran,

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Search Intent Macro Excel Template

You can't build a proper keyword matrix without mapping search intent. My Excel template features a custom coded macro (built by me) that will help you automate the tedious process of mapping search intent to every keyword in your list. A $20 Value, Yours Free!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy with Paypal?

Yes. Pay with Paypal

Will I Need Any Other Tools?

No, but you will need to have completed keyword research beforehand - and I mean thorough keyword research, not a bullshit download from Google Keyword Planner. You will need to have a handle on the competitive metrics for your target SERP's. If you have no idea how to get these, I strongly encourage you to also check out my course Master Keyword Research.

Is There Any Prep Work Required?

Yes. You should have a spreadsheet with data on keyword position, monthly search volume, page word count, keyword inclusion in meta attributes like title, url, domain, and the number of links to the page and the domain.

Do I Need To Be an Excel Expert?

No. You should have a basic working knowledge of Excel and be familiar with how to use the super basic functions like sum, average, sorting, and Data > Filter (or at least willing to figure out; cause it's not that hard).

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